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Yes, EMC can do Exchange for SMB too

Most people I run into within the Exchange or IT community know of EMC as a hardcore, down and dirty SAN company that only talks to the likes of Symmetrix VMAX and High end CX arrays. The truth is that EMC does a lot of other things too. We are a very large software company as well.

EMC purchased a company called Iomega in 2008 which was primarily known for the ZIP and JAZ drives that everyone use to have. The 120MB ZIP disks were the stuff back in the day! Since that time, Iomega has done several other things and EMC’s Iomega division has expanded into several other exciting platforms most recently announced is the EMC Iomega StorCenter IX12 Network Storage Array

This little device is aimed at the ~250 user SMB space but can actually fit in larger scenarios just as well. We wanted to see what this thing could do with a complex application such as Exchange 2010, so we actually put these through the paces as part of the Microsoft Exchange Solution Reviewed Program (ESRP) to showcase how it could handle 260 users (and beyond) with a whopping 10GB mailboxes in an Exchange DAG configuration with JBOD. The results were quite impressive for the cost and size of this device which make it a great fit in the SMB or even mid size space. We’ve even worked with larger enterprise customers that are using these in their branch offices as a cost effective solution for file or block storage.

If you want to see the ESRP results and how we did the test for the IX12 and Exchange 2010, see: http://www.emc.com/collateral/hardware/technical-documentation/h6994-esrp-iomega-260-user-exchange-2010.pdf

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  1. Bart
    June 29, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    This is impressive (and funny) stuff. I also think of Zip drives when I hear Iomega, but EMC definitely has that product on the fast track it looks like… Not sure what Iomega has to do with software though..

    • June 29, 2010 at 10:05 pm

      Thanks for the comment. Iomega, being the SMB storage division of EMC, maintains the LifeLine code base that is the OS for the StorCenter line of EMC Iomega products.

  1. July 15, 2010 at 12:03 pm

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